“I Will NEVER get cows”

“I will NEVER get cows”. These words I have uttered many times. The sheer amount of work that goes with cows I was not willing to partake in. More hay, more field, more fence. Another animal to take care of in the winter.  I have however learned I should never say never. I have said these words many times and like many times before I have eaten those words. I have eaten those words again.

In April an opportunity presented itself for 4 Irish Dexter cows. A unique breed of cow that is not as big as more popular breeds. Irish Dexter cows are smaller, can be milked and used as beef, and are adaptable to the cold harsh Maine winters. Here is more information on them here http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/cattle/dexter/index.htm

After my wife ran a “few” numbers by me it made more sense. We spend a $1000 a year on beef and $2500 a year on milk for a total of $3500. The cows are costing us $3200 to purchase. We would milk the cows and consume them as well. We would sell any extra calves we would have. In the long run we would save money and be in control of food. I do not like saying things are a no brainer but this purchase made sense. Here they are with a new calf that was born recently.

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  1. ed wynn says:

    yeah, I gotta get up and visit / talk.. great job you’re doing up there.. and smart enough to have two farm hands in training !

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